Satin Scrunchies, your hair will love you for it.

 You’d be lying to yourself if you say that you haven’t seen a scrunchie at least once in every instagram influencer’s posts. Scrunchies are becoming so popular, look super cute and are made with super chic fabrics. But did you know that there are certain scrunchies that also hold great benefits for your hair?


 Yes! Aside from their super cute aesthetic, we are talking about SATIN scrunchies!      


 Let’s get into it


 You are probably no stranger to the traditional hair elastic. You know, the one that lives on your wrist and leaves that dent, or comes out of your ponytail with a clump of hair while leaving a new dent in your lovely locks…yikes!


 Not only does this ruin your look, but pulling that little guy out of your struggle bun will put a lot of stress on your scalp and hair strands and if you’re like me, it will leave you with a splitting headache by the end of the day.


 Don’t worry, we feel your pain and want to introduce you to your new fav hair accessory Duplantis Hair Official’s Satin Scrunchie




 Satin is naturally silky, which looks and feels great! Because of this, the satin slips through your hair which provides less stress, less breakage and less hair loss!


 Not to mention as the cold weather rolls around, satin is proven to reduce the dreaded static! Satin is also not a moisture wicking fabric, which means that it will not pull the moisture out of your hair or skin, helping to reduce frizz and dryness.  All the while keeping a firm hold with out leaving that dreaded crease in your hair.


 BUT, if you are just looking to complete your outfits with a super cute accessory for your hair or even your wrist, you will never go wrong with these super cute scrunchies!


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